Chess playing, an outstanding game for those who like to play some brain related games in their leisure time. The mental and behavioral benefits of playing chess have never been put into doubt. These are just but some of the benefits derived from such a wonderful game - • It improves brainpower and memory The player when making his moves has to keep in mind the consequences. Therefore, to avoid making wrong decisions, he or she must always remember the opponent’s positions on the board. This improves his memory and alertness. • It keeps Alzheimer at bay Research has shown that players who engage in chess have reduced chances of contracting dementia and other brain-degeneration related illnesses including Alzheimer. This is attributable to the exercising done by the brain. Since like other muscles, the brain requires constant training. This slows muscles muscle senescence, which is inevitable. This same process also affects unexercised muscles. Moreover, the brain is a muscle, and requires exercising too. • It improves the players IQ Normally chess is taken to be a game for smart people. This often discourages the less smart wannabe starters. The question that is usually asked is as to whether the game makes the players smart or the players are smart in the first place even before they started playing. This is hard to answer. However, research has shown that, students show improved artificial intelligence quotient after playing the game for a minimum of 4 months. • It improves the player’s problem solving abilities The constant mental wrestling in a game of chess has come to be thought to improve the players’ ability to deal with obstacles in real life. This undying desire to succeed given the situations thrown at them by the opponent comes in handy in the real world when one is faced by similar situations. • Increases the creativity and originality Playing chess is like unraveling one big and constantly changing puzzle. This is due to the constant planning of ways to beat the opponent in every move they make .This makes the player to always adjust his thinking with every move made by the opponent. Since no chess game will go as the previous one, players are more inclined to come up with new ways to counter the opponent and since the opposing player will always come up with new moves, the player is forced to react and match the opponent. This will unnoticeably increase the ability of the player to come up with new and original ideas.

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